Supplement Guide

Supplement Guide

Supplements and Vitamins 

EarthPro-A (Most frequent feeding) 

CalciumPro-Mg (Every fourth feeding) 

Revitalise D3 (Twice a month - we recommend 1st and 15th of every month) ShedSupport (During shedding cycles) 

EarthPro-Ca (Metabolic Bone Disease support supplement) 

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Why is supplementation important? Captive diets often lack the overall variety that is provided in the wild; this is due to the  the scarcity of range available in the hobby, as well as the reduced minerals and  vitamins included in these sources. In the wild, animals have a large spectrum of feeder  options, these feeders consume plants and multiple minerals which in turn is ingested  by the animals. These minerals and vitamins aid in the animals ability to thrive in the  wild; in other words, these are the causes of animals living long and healthy lives. By  using supplements along with a variety of feeders, we help to supply our animals with  the core biological needs to help them thrive. 


EarthPro-A is a full spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement, which can be provided  almost everyday for all species. It contains ingredients found in wild environments to  help encourage wild-like food sources and feeding behaviours. The powder is a  naturally mined ‘full-spectrum’, fine clay and contains a high grade Calcium for optimum  bone health, Bee pollen, Vitamin B, Amino Acids, and Carotenoid-high plants for  Vitamin A and natural coloration. Being a clay base ensures that the powder has more  adhesion, and therefore less waste and higher levels of ingestion. Overall, EarthPro-Acannot be overdosed and aids in healthy organs, eyes, brain, and skin. 


CalciumPro-Mg helps to maintain and regulate positive neurological and muscular  health, and can safely be used in place of Calcium supplements. Magnesium is stored  within bones and helps to regulate healthy Calcium storage, therefore, ensures strong,  firm bones, and prevents Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). It aids in regulating nerve and  muscle function, blood glucose levels, protein synthesis, blood pressure, and plays a  role within the digestive system. Overall, CalciumPro-Mg helps to prevent Metabolic  Bone Disease

Revitalise D3 

Revitalise D3 is a natural, full spectrum mineral supplement with vitamin A, D3, and E.  Similarly to humans, animals require D3, as it circulates through their bloodstream and  aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which keeps their bones strong. It  should be given alongside other supplements, and a proper UVB, twice a month; we  recommend using a D3 supplement on the 1st and 15th of every month. 


ShedSupport aids in promoting a healthy and safe shedding cycle. Often when an  animal undergoes a difficult shed, it is due to problems regarding improper nutrition,  poor hydration, and inaccurate humidity. ShedSupport provides support for these  issues, and aids in boosting any of the nutrients that are lacking to ensure the animal  goes through a safe and full shed. It contains a double dosage of vitamin B, vitamin E,  and Bee Pollen to aid with skin health. 


EarthPro-Ca helps to boost calcium levels; calcium is stored in bones and then is  released into the bloodstream for muscle function. Overall, EarthPro-Ca aids in strongbones and organ function, which reduces  

chances of developing Metabolic Bone  


Bee Pollen 

Bee Pollen is a mixture of flower pollen, honey, 

nectar, enzymes, bee secretions, and wax. It is  

brimming with vitamins and minerals that aid in  

promoting a healthy animal. It also contains  

antibiotics that helps to create a healthy  

immune system. Bee Pollen destroys bacteria,  

by flushing toxins from the body.